Room Tax Returns Up Less than 1 Percent Through July

Between 2017 and 2018, June stole a summer weekend from July, causing the midsummer month to show a three percent decline in room tax collections from the same month last year in the preliminary report. At the time of the report, 102 properties had not registered their room tax collections.

Year to date, collections are up 0.8 percent from 2017. But the revenue is not spread evenly throughout the county.

The City of Sturgeon Bay is down $26,962 year to date from 2017. Although the city’s lodging operators are notorious for late collections, Sturgeon Bay’s declines constitute 65 percent of revenue loss from the eight communities that have seen a decline in year to date collections from 2017.

July also marks the month that Gibraltar overtakes the City of Sturgeon Bay on room tax collections, and Sister Bay is not far behind.

Sister Bay posted a modest 2.3 percent increase in collections in July, but it is one of just seven communities that saw increases in July given the missing weekend. The village’s 3.57 percent increase year to date is a slower pace than the double-digit year in 2017, but it is still among the top three communities in growth. Gibraltar saw a two percent increase from collections last July.

The Town of Egg Harbor has continued its explosive growth in room tax collections, registering an 11.27 percent increase in year to date collections.

The Village of Egg Harbor and the Village of Ephraim, both of which had a sluggish year for room tax in 2017, appear flat in 2018 collections.

Given the loss of a July weekend to June, we can look at the two-month collection to get a snapshot of the summer compared to last year. Combined collections for June and July are nearly equal, with 2018 just $2,092 behind 2017. That difference should be made up in late collections.

Occupancy rates saw just a 0.04 percent increase from last year, but the average room rate increased by $12 to $195.

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