Lost Wax Bronze Casting Class at Algoma Atelier of Sculpture and Art

The Algoma Atelier of Sculpture and Art will again, for the sixth consecutive year, host a Lost Wax Bronze Casting Class from June 5 – 10. The bronze pour will be held June 9.

The workshop is taught via Skype and FaceTime with Mary and Ken Davidson (a Mississippi couple with prestigious, lifelong careers as professional artists, and also nearly 20 years of successfully teaching bronze casting in Door County), and Bren Siblisky (an internationally known, award-winning sculptor and teacher). Every student will take home a one-of-a-kind bronze work of art.

With her new foundry fully operational for the past five years, Sibilsky and the Davidsons are ready to conduct another workshop. During the planning stages for the 2013 workshop Sibilsky had the idea to electronically teach the class via Skype and FaceTime and eliminate the need for the long drive (and expense) for the Davidsons to travel to Algoma. Mary and Ken prepare PowerPoint presentations, slideshows and other electronic teaching aids. Bren and Randy Sibilsky prepare the foundry and make sure all the various tools are ready.

The workshop involves many processes. Mary and Ken start with an electronic overview of the class. With constant supervision and instruction from Mary, Ken and Bren, the students sculpt their original art in wax. The casting furnaces were designed and fabricated entirely by Mary and Ken over the last two decades and have been fine-tuned to a degree that rivals and even surpasses commercially produced furnaces. The quality and efficiency of these furnaces produce beautiful three-dimensional sculptures in near record time.

For more information on this class and other upcoming classes, contact Mary and Ken Davidson at [email protected] or Bren Sibilsky at [email protected], 920.487.4200, or

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