Love On Holiday Songwriting Event

Love On Holiday returns this Feb. 13 and 14 to the Third Avenue Playhouse to showcase a whole new slew of songs yet to be conceived or written.

Songwriters descend upon the motel on Feb. 8 and immediately begin the five-day process of spin-the-bottle, write, record, repeat.

This year, a new element, visual art, will be injected into the songwriting alchemy. With a mindset always on expanding horizons, challenging the limits and pushing the envelope, pat mAcdonald felt that this event would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the visual medium into the collaborative process whereby making the artwork itself one of the participating “writers.” Songwriters will not only spin the bottle to be randomly paired up with other songwriters but will also spin to be paired up with a visual work that can be used as a foundation to inspire the direction, subject or story of the song.

The Feb. 13 and 14 shows at Third Avenue Playhouse will be a combined art showing and music performance. Opening reception will take place both nights at 7pm; music performance beginning at 7:30 pm. Each night different songs and art works will be featured. Admission will cost $5 at the door.

For more information, please visit or call 920.743.5571.