Loves Precept and Denial

Episode 10

Oh love, if we could find a path,

    away from all this aftermath.

And linger as we wonder through

    this forest of enchanted hue.

Then I within my heart would know,

    past semblance of a fading show.

Kindled by life’s hungry flame,

    left burning in a pit of pain.

While sacred songs their secrets tell,

    of hate administered in hell.

And love beyond the grave is lost,

    for those who fail to bear their cross.

Why should their life a burden be,

    when love is born with misery?

For all is love and born within,

    a wall of pain, a wall of sin.

The greater love is love of all,

    a love which builds no earthly wall.

A love of universal truth,

    a love of everlasting youth.


Episode 11

Sweet haunting memories of the past,

    why should this life forever pass.

Into a calm and peaceful sleep,

    what else is there, but love to seek?

To live within the realm of chance,

    and die when life has lost romance.

The dying heart its vigil keeps

    alone to pray, alone to weep.

To wait till life has left the skin

    before the love of love begins.

So now with anxious heart I pass,

    through the broken looking glass.

For earthly love is passions mate

    the nursling of eternal fate.