Lutsey-Waseda Scholarship Recipients Announced

Before the late Thomas H. Lutsey made a name for himself as an inventor of ice-cream snacks, his innovation started in childhood on his family’s farm in Pulaski. He started the Thomas H. Lutsey-Waseda Farms Scholarship ( to help students in rural Wisconsin who have a passion for agriculture to advance their education and enhance their community. It has carried on his agricultural and innovative legacy for the past 36 years

Matt Lutsey, president of Waseda Farms and grandson of Thomas H. Lutsey, has announced the names of the five recipients of the 2021 scholarship, each of whom will receive a four-year, $10,000 college scholarship. 

This year’s scholars are Abigail Helbach of Amherst, Aliza Jacobs of Luxemburg, Cora Kleist of Richland Center, Maleah Redmann of Athens, and Adam Zee of Pittsville.

Maleah Redmann. Submitted.
Cora Kleist. Submitted.
Aliza Jacobs. Submitted.
Adam Zee. Submitted.

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