Luxemburg Dairy Fined $50,000 for Manure Application

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has fined Stahl Brothers Dairy of Luxemburg a total of $50,000 for two incidents of over-application and runoff of liquefied manure in Kewaunee County. In December 2014, Stahl Brothers over-applied manure to frozen crop fields, resulting in runoff that polluted a private drinking water well. The manure also contaminated a county wetland area. In November 2015, Stahl Brothers Dairy again over-applied liquefied manure that spilled into two area streams. Working with impacted citizens of Kewaunee County, Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP) is releasing the state’s Complaint, Judgment, Stipulation and Order after obtaining the documents through an open records request to the DOJ. “This is just the tip of the iceberg for industrial dairy violations that deserve penalties and sanction from the State of Wisconsin,” said Scott Dye, Regional Representative for SRAP. “State records tell the tale and it’s a harsh fact of life for Kewaunee County residents. The Stahl Brothers Dairy has long been a repeat offender with an abysmal history of violations dating back nearly 30 years.” The judgment against Stahl Brothers Dairy is not the first. In September 2011, the industrial dairy paid more than $55,000 in state fines and penalties for a major spill from a liquefied manure pit in 2009. That contamination incident resulted in a large-scale fish-kill and polluted 12.9 miles of the Kewaunee River.

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