LWV Aims to Demystify Electoral Process for Prospective Candidates

On April 5, 2016, voters will have an opportunity to elect or re-elect public servants to many positions throughout Door County. Election Day is one of the standards of a vibrant democracy, but in order for Election Day to work, viable candidates must run for office. And, in order for them to run for office in April, they must begin the election process soon.

Nancy Fisher, co-president of the local Door County chapter of LWV, explains, “The tagline to our League motto is ‘Making Democracy Work’ and that includes demystifying the electoral process to encourage people to get involved at the candidate level.”

One helpful tool is the LWV’s How to Run for Elected Office in Wisconsin handbook, a publication that’s available on the League’s local website. It takes a potential candidate from the decision-making stage to filing nomination papers and election. It also gives helpful advice on items like engaging supporters and writing effective press releases.

Access How to Run for Elected Office in Wisconsin at For more information contact the LWV DC at [email protected].

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