LWV Encourages Participation in 10.10.10 Challenge

The League of Women Voters of Door County, together with other league chapters around the state, is asking people to take 10 actions to reduce their energy use beginning Sunday, October 10, 2010. The 10.10.10 Challenge is part of a worldwide effort to help curb global climate change and encourage policy makers to pass climate policies that promote clean energy and reducing emissions.

Initiated by, a non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing citizens around the world to actively work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the effort includes participants from more than 110 countries, including 49 U.S. states. The number 350 refers to the parts per million of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere that is a safe limit for humanity. Currently the Earth’s atmosphere contains about 390 ppm CO2.

A registered 10.10.10 work party will take place at the Crossroads at Big Creek, near Sturgeon Bay. The organization will install a solar electric installation along with many other activities conducted throughout the day by the Friends of Crossroads.

Interested participants can go to the Global Work Party website,, or call 920.746.5895 to volunteer at the Crossroads’ 10.10.10 work party.

Any action that can be sustained as a lifestyle change will help reduce the carbon accumulation in the atmosphere even more. For a list of possible changes, visit the League of Women Voters website at