Lynn Schuster Leads Reiki Class at Saguaro Day Spa

On March 5, Saguaro Day Spa will hold a Reiki Level 1 class, led by Lynn Schuster. The class runs from 10 am to 5 pm and students are asked to arrive by 9:45 am.

Reiki is a type of hands-on bodywork that preserves health and fights disease by using the energy system or the Chakras of the body. Reiki is a holistic, natural, energy healing system that works on a deep and profound level, healing body, mind and spirit. Benefits of Reiki include increased energy, reduction in pain, deep relaxation and a general feeling of wellbeing.

During a Reiki Level I Class, participants will be introduced to the history of Reiki, the seven major Chakras and the location of each in the body, and they will be shown how to do a Reiki healing session.

No prior experience is necessary. Reiki Level I is a prerequisite for Reiki Level II. The cost is $150 and includes a healthy lunch. Saguaro Day Spa is located at 3899 Old Highway Road in Sturgeon Bay. For more information call 920.743.5380.

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