Making Waves

Max McHugh (left) and Brooke Strege (right)

Brooke Strege, 10: With a tremendous meet at Stevens Point, Brooke recorded all “best times” in her events during the two-day meet. Brooke swims all strokes, with her specialty in the breaststroke events. She is also a member of all “A” relays. Her excellent attention to form has resulted in a meteoric rise in her swimming level.

Max McHugh, 14, Sevastopol High School freshman: Max is one of the best swimmers in the nation in several events and is ranked third in USA all-time history in the 100 breast stroke event. At the Stevens Point meet this past weekend he set four new meet records in four events, qualifying for this season’s National cuts in all events. Max will also be swimming at the upcoming Minnesota Grand Prix. He is one of the few 14-year-old swimmers in the nation to qualify for this meet. Max will be swimming with Ryan Scripp, one of last week’s featured swimmers, at the Grand Prix.

Notes from Coach Mike McHugh: Our DCY team had a fantastic start to the season with the first meet at Stevens Point. The coaches thought the team would swim well, but quickly realized we had greatly miscalculated the improvements. This meet had seven teams competing in an all-day event. DCY set approximately 10 new meet records, (recorded since 2003) with approximately 68 percent individual Best Times. Eleven-plus High Point trophies were awarded to the top swimmers in each age group. Some results were still being scored after we left the meet; we might have exceeded all of the results above. We are still waiting for all results.

Our focus at this time of the year is on process (form, technique, race strategy) rather than outcome goals (time results). We were very pleased with the discussion on strokes, turns, starts, etc., rather than times and state qualifying cuts.

DCY took second place at the meet, behind the host team. We had 49 swimmers competing in the meet, a great turnout for an away meet. Our next meet is in Oshkosh, with two swimmers swimming in the Minnesota Grand Prix on the same weekend. The Grand Prix will be a televised meet with international swimmers and the elite swimmers in the USA competing. In Oshkosh, two Olympic swimmers will swim both days against selected swimmers from teams at the meet. It is an awesome opportunity to see an Olympian up close and to see how amazing they are in the water.

Swim Term: Personal best time – A personal best time is when a swimmer swims faster in a meet than they did in a previous meet. Personal bests should be celebrated.

Upcoming Meets

Minnesota Grand Prix-USA qualifiers: Nov. 20-22

Oshkosh Champions Meet: Nov. 21-23

Green Bay Sprint Meet: Dec. 6

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