Managing Arthritis Pain Workshop

Nicole Dersé, Certified Nutritional Consultant functional and nutritional medicine clinician and founder of the Center for Optimal Health in Sturgeon Bay, will discuss the causes, assessment and therapies of arthritis on Jan. 23 at 1 pm at Greens N Grains in Egg Harbor.

Learn how to identify what it is that triggers chronic arthritis pain, the main cause of disability among people 55 years of age and older at the next Greens N Grains seminar, presented monthly for free.

The word arthritis comes from the Greek arthron meaning “joint” and the Latin itis meaning “inflammation.” One of the most common chronic health problems in the nation, arthritis is second only to heart disease as a cause of work disability.

Dersé explains that certain foods irritate the immune system, and will speak about supplements, herbs and botanicals that may be used to reduce inflammation and start rebuilding the joints. She will also discuss nutritional testing methods that assess joint health in order to discover the underlying causes of inflammation and pain.

Greens N Grains presents free seminars with Dersé each month to promote a greater understanding of the effects of nutrition on health and wellness. For more information, contact Dersé at 920.743.4221 or [email protected].