Manners Matter

Dear Mary Pat,

My sister is expecting a baby any day now and has been surprised at how many friends and relatives are planning on coming to the hospital right after she delivers. Everyone will definitely get the chance to see her new daughter, but that doesn’t mean she wants everyone ringside.
My mom tried to drop hints with some persistent friends that my sister is planning on accepting visitors at home, but everyone assumed that they were the exception.
Any advice on how to reduce the crowds at the hospital?

Give Baby Some Breathing Room
Ephraim, WI

Dear Give Baby Some Breathing Room,

Subtlety obviously isn’t going to work. Since your sister is going to be focused on other more important things, your family should designate a spokesperson. I’m not talking about hiring a publicist like Miss Loony Tunes with the 14 kids, I’m saying that there is definitely someone in your family who can firmly give the message that hospital visits are not welcome. Perhaps this spokesperson will have to get creative with the details. Whether it is a “gosh, Sally was so hoping to see you in the hospital, however, she isn’t quite feeling up to visitors” or “the hospital is limiting the amount of visitors” or whatever it takes. Maybe your sister will feel differently when she actually delivers, but she should not have to be subjected to a parade of visitors. There will be plenty of time for the entire circle to meet your niece.

Good luck,

Mary Pat