Manners Matter

Dear Mabel,

It is good to hear from you again, despite some of your comments. I obviously need to repeat myself:  Mabel, you are being a snob. “Awful people?” I would think that someone who earned the title Miss Fish Creek of 1952* would have a little more restraint and wouldn’t stoop to calling somebody a name just because they weren’t as fortunate to have your, ahem, pedigree. If you hadn’t accurately grouped me in the age category of “young,” I would think you’ve lost your marbles entirely, Mabel.

When I think of upscale streets in Door County, I can’t picture any noisy pubs in adjoining areas that play live music. You might want to consider that some of your highbrow neighbors are actually the culprits. Maybe your “gin and tonic” set likes to kick it with a little Eminem.

I’m sorry to hear that you think I don’t have any manners, Mabel. I suppose that is a matter of opinion. With all due respect (for my elders), I am the one who has the column. If the Pulse starts getting letters addressed to you seeking your take on the world, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Good luck,

Mary Pat

* Just out of curiosity, how many contestants were up for the title of Miss Fish Creek in 1952? Given the current population of Fish Creek, I can imagine that your competition must have been fierce.