Manners Matter

Dear Mary Pat,

I purchased a wedding gift for a couple who’s getting married next month, but I’m no longer invited to their wedding because they had to scale the numbers back. I spent a little more than I normally would to begin with, and now I’m wondering whether it’s too much. I typically spend more when I’m attending. I just don’t want to make them feel awkward.


Gift Quandary

Forestville, Wisconsin

Dear Gift Quandary,

I don’t think they’ll feel anything except gratitude for your generous gift. You should select a gift based on your budget and how well you know the couple – there isn’t a specific formula or a “right” amount to spend. If you purchased something off their registry and returned it, that might be awkward to explain. If you selected a gift outside of their registry and have decided that you really can’t afford it, that’s a different story. I hope this helps.  

Good luck,

Mary Pat

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