Manners Matter: Burger Blunder

Dear Mary Pat,

My husband and I went to a restaurant last year and loved it. They had fine dining items and also pub grub in their bar area. We went back this year to grab a quick bite before a show and skimmed the menu before sitting down. We had our kids with us and were looking to see if they still had their incredible burgers on the menu. They weren’t listed, so we asked the hostess if we could order burgers and she said, “This isn’t a burger joint. If you want burgers, go down the street,” in a fairly snarky tone. To say that we were taken aback would be an understatement. We obviously left and don’t have any plans to return. How does someone expect to stay in business when they snap at their customers for asking a question?


Burger Blunder


Dear Burger Blunder,

That is bad business and bad form. What’s especially incredible is that they used to sell burgers, so your question was hardly out of left field. I know the season is long and people can get tired and burned out, but a lot of us here rely on visitors for our livelihood. Bad attitudes are contagious. Thankfully, so are good attitudes and smiles. Please, let’s all remember to be gracious hosts and hostesses to the public and visitors.  

Good luck,

Mary Pat


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