Manners Matter: Feb. 12, 2016

Dear Mary Pat,


My friends and I went out to dinner to a restaurant we had never tried before. I asked if they had a certain kind of beer and the owner answered, rather condescendingly, “We don’t have that kind of beer since our customers like beer that has flavor.” I can’t stand that kind of attitude, especially from an owner who should be treating his customers like favored guests. The beer that I asked for is an import that is sold all around the world, but that’s not the point. The point is that when a customer asks for something that you don’t have, you give them a helpful answer and suggest something similar that you do have. Apart from this rocky start, we had an excellent meal and great service. Even still, I would have to think twice about returning. Why would I want to line this guy’s pockets with my money?



Too Big for His Culinary Britches

Green Bay, Wis.



Dear Too Big for His Culinary Britches,


This owner is not only failing to use his best manners, he is also not flexing his best business skills. What did he accomplish by insulting your palate? He got to feel smug and superior over you for a moment? Was it worth the risk of losing a new patron? It’s not like you were in a three Michelin star restaurant and asked for a $2 bottle of wine.

The reason there are so many beers, wines and drinks to choose from is because there are millions of people in the country who all have different tastes and preferences. My cousin thinks that drinking Miller High Life (the “Champagne of Beers”) is awfully fancy and he treats himself to one every now and again. I have friends that wouldn’t be caught dead with a Miller bottle in their hands and only drink microbrews. Fine, whatever, to each his own.

If the food was really good, I would give this restaurant another go. You wouldn’t want to judge too hastily and maybe he was having a bad night. But if you go and you get that kind of attitude again, then take your business elsewhere.


Good luck,

Mary Pat

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