Manners Matter: What Do I Get my Boss for Her Birthday?



Dear Mary Pat,


I work in a small office and am always torn on what to get for my boss for her birthday. She always gets a thoughtful gift for each of us and I would like to reciprocate, but it really isn’t in my budget. Do you think she expects me/us to get something for her? I get her a card every year but it just doesn’t feel like enough.



Better to Give…or Not

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.



Dear Better to Give…or Not,


Your boss probably doesn’t expect anything from you. I think a nice card is enough. If you really feel like you need to go one step further, why don’t you and your co-workers chip in $5 each and get her a gift certificate, even if it is a $20 gas card or gift certificate. Or, maybe one of you can bake a cake or a plate of cookies. Little gestures go a long way and I’m sure she is touched that you all remember her every year.


Good luck,

Mary Pat

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