Manners Matter: Graduation Dilemma

Dear Mary Pat,

Help! I’ve been invited to a graduation party for four graduates, but I only know one of them well. Am I expected to bring a gift for each graduate? I don’t want to slight anybody or appear cheap, but I also don’t want to pony up for four gifts.


Three Too Many

Jacksonport, Wis.


Dear Three Too Many,

Having a high school graduation party for several graduates at once makes a lot of sense, especially if they are all local and there would be duplication in the guest lists. It can be more festive and reduces people racing all over to attend multiple parties on the same day. It’s really one-stop shopping so to speak and it might also help the party budget as well. However, that does not mean you have to purchase a gift for each graduate. You can bring a gift for the one you know well. It would be nice to bring a card for the others if they are acquaintances, but it’s not obligatory. I’m sure you’ll find separate gift tables/areas for each graduate when you arrive.  

Good luck,

Mary Pat


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