Manners Matter: Be Kind to One Another

by Mary Pat

Dear Readers,

Instead of answering a question this week, I would like to take this time to remind everyone to be kind to one another. This message is intended for everyone – local and visitor alike. I know it’s busy, and I know that the season gives us a lot to juggle at once, but that does not give anyone the right to be mean. 

If there’s a waiting list at your restaurant and people keep trying to come in to see whether they can find a seat, don’t be dismissive and rude; instead, be appreciative that they want to dine with you and graciously tell them that there isn’t any availability for another two hours. Try smiling while giving the bad news, and they will want to try your restaurant again. 

If someone is helping you in a store and she is of a mature age, try some patience. Do not yell at her and get her flustered and panicked so much that she freezes.  

If people are crossing in the intersection, stop for them. It’s the law, and it’s a nice thing to do. Do not hurl abuse at them.  

If someone tries to return a $2 bottle of soda because he claims it was already opened, believe him and offer another bottle for free and with a smile. 

I wish I could claim that these were all made-up incidents, but they all happened here within the last week or so. Sadly, there are other examples, but they would be redundant. You get the picture. Again, please be kind.

Good luck,

Mary Pat