Manners Matter: Listen Better to Include Everyone

Dear Mary Pat,

I can’t stand when people talk over me. It seems to happen more often than not, and it’s really frustrating. I know that I’m not the most assertive person, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to bulldoze over me with all their words and stories.  


Let Me Speak

Sister Bay, Wisconsin 

Dear Let Me Speak,

Oftentimes, people don’t realize that they’re interrupting. If this is happening to you often, it’s most likely the same people who are doing it, and you can clue them in to this annoying habit by saying things such as, “I’d like to finish my thought, please” or “Excuse me, but I wasn’t done speaking.” After a few times, they will definitely be more aware and will hopefully let you have your turn to talk. You don’t have to be assertive to be heard.  

Good luck,

Mary Pat