Manners Matter: Low on Funds

Dear Mary Pat,

I was supposed to see a concert in Green Bay at the end of April. It’s been rescheduled for mid-August, when I know I’ll be too busy to make it. They aren’t giving any refunds. I could really use that $70 right now because I’m out of work. Any suggestions? 


Low on Funds

Town Withheld

Dear Low on Funds,

Both situations – the cancellation and being out of work – are very unfortunate, and both are common occurrences right now. 

So many events have been canceled or postponed. Think about how many people had planned gatherings, outings and travel for March, April and May – weddings, christenings, birthday parties, marathons, trips to Door County, trips to Europe, cruises, graduations, baseball games – along with gatherings that are not necessarily foreseen, such as funerals.

I understand that every penny counts, so of course, $70 would be helpful right now. However, it would be better to let that $70 go and focus on things you can change. 

Go through your budget to see whether there are any recurring charges that aren’t essential. Be informed about the programs that are available right now to help people who are out of work because of this virus. Wisconsin’s unemployment requirements have changed, which will make it easier to file. Tap into the local resources that are abundant, such as community meals and the Door County Emergency Support Coalition. You may also want to contact your mortgage holder or landlord to see what’s being done to assist customers and tenants. So many people are working to help their neighbors in any way they can.

Good luck,

Mary Pat