Manners Matter: No Peace in the Pool

Dear Mary Pat,

We have a neighborhood indoor pool and hot tub where we live. My wife and I enjoy walking down to relax in the whirlpool fairly frequently during the quiet season. Our peaceful routine has been disrupted by lots of little ones on spring break. There is a big sign above the whirlpool’s Start button saying that children under the age of 16 aren’t allowed in the whirlpool without adult supervision, but it really doesn’t seem to matter when their parents are around – the children are allowed to splash and scream and ruin it for any adults trying for a little peace and quiet. I politely pointed out to my neighbor that her children needed to calm down a little bit and was treated to a very dirty look and an eye roll. It’s so frustrating when people ignore the rules and then act like you are the bad guy for pointing it out.

Splish, Splash, No Peace in the Bath
Egg Harbor, Wis.

Dear Splish, Splash, No Peace in the Bath,

Thinking that our children can do no wrong is one of our very common human flaws – especially when it’s a wrong that a neighbor points out. Parents can sometimes have blinders on about their children’s behavior. They have become such masters at tuning out high-pitched, full-on temper tantrums that they probably don’t hear the same decibels that the rest of us might. Your neighbor shouldn’t have given you a dirty look. Or rolled her eyes. But sometimes it’s not worth policing the neighborhood and easier to let it go, even when you’re right.

Good luck,
Mary Pat