Manners Matter: Not Ready for Visitors

Dear Mary Pat,

Our niece and nephews always stay with us when they visit Door County in late June. We’ve been telling them that we don’t want to confirm any plans just yet because we’re still concerned about the spread of the virus. Now that it’s getting closer, their parents want a firm answer so they can make plans, but we just aren’t comfortable having anyone stay with us yet. How do I tell them so that they aren’t offended?


Uncle Not Ready

Dear Uncle Not Ready,

You don’t have to be afraid of being honest with your extended family. Everyone is at a different level of comfort right now regarding visiting, traveling and interacting with friends and family. They will likely be disappointed, but I very much doubt they will be upset with you and your wife. Maybe you can make tentative plans for a later date, or suggest that they stay in a hotel this time and perhaps visit with you in your yard at a distance. Whatever you decide, they will understand.

Good luck,

Mary Pat