Manners Matter: Not Your Travel Agent

Dear Mary Pat,

We moved here a year ago from Madison, and we love it. We’re semi-retired, so our days are still very busy, and we’re surely never bored. The one thing I can’t seem to make time for is all of our friends back in Madison asking us frequently for recommendations on where they should stay when they’re planning their vacations. I don’t mind a few people asking here and there, but now friends of friends are asking us because we’re “locals.” We’ve been here only a year and certainly don’t go around the county asking for room tours. Am I the only one with this problem? Should I start going around asking for room tours? LOL.


Not Your Travel Agent

Sister Bay, Wisconsin

Dear Not Your Travel Agent,

I’m sure you’re not the only local to be asked for recommendations – it’s part of the job description when you live in a resort area. I get a lot of requests as well. 

At first, I used to send long emails or texts and give too much information. Now I usually direct people to because the website allows them to search by town, type of property, amenities and availability. Most of our towns also have their own websites, which visitors can search if they’re set on staying in a particular area of Door County. You can also send people to because there are plenty of reviews to scroll through, and they can decide what makes sense for their visit.

Maybe it’s more of a novelty for your friends because your move here is relatively recent. You could also consider typing up a little document to share when people ask you. Think of it as your top-five recommendations about where to go, eat or stay in Door County. That should take away any hassles with sharing the information.

Good luck,

Mary Pat