Manners Matter: Social Media Oversharing

Dear Mary Pat,

I have an issue with my daughter-in-law. She overshares every detail of her/their lives on social media. My son isn’t on Facebook or Instagram, so he doesn’t see the constant posting about their kids, little arguments they’ve had or the little arguments that my son and daughter-in-law have had. She’s in her late 20s and seems to not care that this information will stay in cyberspace indefinitely.

First of all, I doubt anyone cares to know the play-by-play of every aspect of their lives. Secondly, I think it’s an invasion of privacy for my grandchildren. When they get a little older and read some of the things she has written, they will be mortified. How do I stop this? My son has deaf ears when it comes to his wife.

Concerned Mother-in-Law
Washington Island, Wisconsin

Dear Concerned Mother-in-Law,

There are some people who saturate social channels. If everyone would adopt the “Less is more” motto, our newsfeeds would be a lot more streamlined. It is unfortunate that your daughter-in-law posts too many personal details. This can cause security issues, too, in some cases:  people knowing you are out of town, people knowing your children’s exact routine and the like.

My advice is to say nothing unless you see something that would directly put your grandchildren (or daughter-in-law or son) in danger. If I spoke up every time I thought one of my friends or family overshared, I’d have a new career. I know it’s frustrating, but you are ultimately powerless over this situation. If you end up talking to your son about this, tone is important. Don’t accuse or attack – just suggest.

I hope this helps. If nothing else, hit the 30-day snooze button and give yourself a break.

Good luck,
Mary Pat