Manners Matter: Splitting Time

Dear Mary Pat,

My sister is upset with me since I have to miss my nephew’s holiday concert again this year. He’s my godson and I am very close with him but his concerts always coincide with either a work function or something with one of my own kids. I know he’s growing fast and these opportunities won’t be around forever but I’m unable to be in two places at once. Help!


Between Rock and Hard Place


Dear Between Rock and Hard Place,

It is a hectic time of year for everyone and sometimes a little juggling might be required. Could you divide and conquer with a spouse or coworker? Or be late to a work function? It’s not ideal but if you could find out when your nephew will be on stage, perhaps you could be there for half an hour versus sitting through a two-hour concert. If you can’t tweak your schedule, ask your sister to tape it and take your godson out to a special breakfast or dinner where you can spend time with him and ask him all about his performance and tell him how much you enjoyed the show.

We are all only human and can only do the best we can. Your sister will have to understand that.

Good luck,

Mary Pat

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