Manners Matter: Stepping on Gum

Dear Mary Pat,

I stepped on gum yesterday on the sidewalk which was really annoying.  It took more effort that I would have thought to clean my shoes up. Now that I’m more aware and looking down to avoid any repeat of this happening again, I’m seeing gum everywhere! Why would anyone toss their gum on a sidewalk or street when there are trash bins everywhere?


Sticky Situation

Sister Bay, Wis.


Dear Sticky Situation,

Yuck. Who indeed? Litterers apparently who have no thought for anyone else. If you have the compulsion to throw your gum away, think first.  Think about the person who will step in it. Think about how best to keep our small towns clean and charming. This goes for gum, dog waste, paper and anything else that should be properly thrown away into a trash or recycling receptacle.  

Good luck,

Mary Pat

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