Manners Matter: Stop Communicating with Old Boyfriend

Dear Mary Pat,

My husband is jealous that I still communicate with my high school boyfriend on Facebook. He didn’t really have an issue with it until he realized that “Joe” is recently divorced. My hubby is not the jealous type, and he’s never shown any signs of insecurity in our relationship. I’m not interested in anyone but him. How can I reassure him that this man means nothing to me?


The Old Flame Has Fizzled

Town Withheld

Dear The Old Flame Has Fizzled,

It’s simple: Stop communicating with your ex-boyfriend. It’s not really appropriate. I’m not suggesting that you can’t have friends who are men, but not when it makes your husband uncomfortable. Maybe your husband (rightly) suspects that your ex might not have the best intentions. Just because you aren’t interested, that doesn’t mean that your ex isn’t. He can stroll down memory lane with someone else.

Good luck,

Mary Pat