Manners Matter: The Political Divide

Dear Mary Pat,

It’s the eve of the election night and I’m already dreading the outcome. Even if my candidates win, half of my friends are going to be depressed, angry, disbelieving, etc. Each “side” is so convinced that they are all good and the other is all bad. There has to be a way for us to talk to each other without so much vitriol. With Thanksgiving a few weeks away, I want there to be peace at our table.


Political Divide


Dear Political Divide,

It seems that every election cycle, politicians promise to run a positive campaign and instead end up slinging mud and telling us all why their opponent is so flawed instead of telling us of their merits and accomplishments. They push our buttons and get us all worked up and before long they’ve succeeded in having us act on anger and outrage. We then take it out on our neighbors and paint everyone with the same brush (insert political label here). Instead we should be researching issues using wisdom, restraint and logic and keeping our opinions to ourselves and not on social media. Political memes and jokes just fan the flames and have .0000001 percent of having a hope of convincing someone on the other side of the aisle to cross over.

Win or lose, let’s all set a better example and speak to each other with civility and kindness. Perhaps then our elected officials can learn something from our behavior.

Good luck,

Mary Pat

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