Manners Matter: The Silent Treatment

Dear Mary Pat,

My best friend isn’t speaking to me. I don’t know what I did to upset her. We used to talk nearly every day and we’ve been friends since kindergarten. It’s awkward at school since our other friends say that they don’t know what’s wrong either. It’s been two weeks and I don’t know what to do. I’ve texted her, left messages with her parents and tried to talk to her after school. It makes me so sad that she won’t speak to me. I’ve been wracking my brain to try to remember if I did anything to make her mad, but I can’t think of anything whatsoever. What should I do?


Silent Treatment
Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

Dear Silent Treatment,

Ignoring someone for two weeks is immature and not the best way to handle a problem. If you’ve done something to upset her, she needs to tell you what you’ve done wrong so you can discuss it and come to a resolution. As tough as it is, you are going to have to give her space until she decides that she is going to talk to you. You’ve given her opportunities to explain and she’s chosen not to. You are powerless over her behavior so it’s best that you let it go for now. If and when she’s ready to talk, she will get in touch. I hope that she decides to reach out to you soon so you can work out whatever is coming between the two of you. If she doesn’t, perhaps she isn’t as good of a friend as you thought.  

Good luck,
Mary Pat