Manners Matter: Tired of Talking about COVID-19

Dear Mary Pat,

Are there other topics to discuss besides COVID-19? I didn’t even like to write that word because I’m so tired of talking about it all the time. I remember a time during the not-so-recent past when we used to talk about movies, sports, what our grandkids were up to, what our children were up to, books and so on. Can you think of anything else to talk about, Mary Pat?


New Topic, Please

Dear New Topic, Please,

In fairness, this “topic” has been all-consuming because most of us weren’t really going anywhere or doing anything except perhaps worrying. Now that the nicer weather has arrived, we can broaden our horizons a bit and talk about our gardening, our cycling, our trip to the grocery store and how our Party of 2 barbecue went.

I suspect that this topic won’t be going away anytime soon, but thanks for the reminder that we should get a little more creative about our chats with each other.

Good luck,

Mary Pat