Manners Matters

Dear Mary Pat,

I don’t know how frequent flyers handle traveling in airplanes so often. What is with people? During my one or two flights a year, I swear I see the worst in humanity. Any tips on how to handle those flyers who probably never had “gets along well with others” on any of their grade school report cards?

Good luck,

Too Close for Comfort

Ellison Bay, WI

Dear Too Close for Comfort,

True, not too many of us cross the bridge and get the opportunity for lots of air travel; however, it should be a pleasant experience when we do get the chance. You wondered how the frequent flyers handle it…I daresay that they are the most frequent offenders. Think about it – people traveling on planes constantly are usually people flying for business. Since these businessmen (and it is almost always men, sorry to say) have their backsides attached to a seat on a 757 so much, they have a false sense of entitlement to do as they please. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

• Not keeping their legs and arms within their space. They sprawl their limbs as if they are on the couch watching a basketball game. No amount of passive aggressive sighing or eye rolling will get them to figure out that they are totally invading your space. Trust me, I’ve tried. Perhaps the only solution here is to pretend that you are asleep and fling your limbs over onto his* space.

• Bringing on too much carry on luggage. Heaven forbid that a Titan of Business would have to check a bag. He* might not have time for his* Starbucks before his* 10 o’clock. Boo hoo.

• Cramming in last minute business calls on his* cell phone before the stewardess, sorry I mean “air hostess,” instructs everyone to turn their mobiles off for the duration of the flight. Since the rest of the passengers aren’t employees of, we shouldn’t have to listen to why Bob in Cleveland has his head stuck in his…well you get the point.

So if any of this sounds like something you do, please knock it off.

Good luck,

Mary Pat

* Please note the use of the masculine pronoun. It was absolutely intentional. I’m sure that there are obnoxious businesswomen who have no concept of basic manners, I just haven’t come across them yet in my travels.