Manure: Nutrient or Pollutant?

Manure has been beneficial to farmers for centuries, but when does it become too much of a good thing?

Many Door County residents were shocked to learn of the manure contamination in Jacksonport last September, but this condition began as much as a decade ago in Kewaunee County. Join the Door County Environmental Council on May 20 at 7 pm at the Collins Learning Center of Crossroads at Big Creek for a free and timely talk by Kewaunee farmers, Lynn and Nancy Utesch called, “Manure: Nutrient or Pollutant?”

Ten years ago the Treml family in Kewaunee County found manure spewing from their kitchen faucet. One would think legislators throughout the state would have been alarmed, and our elected officials would have taken action to correct this problem. But, in fact, in those 10 years things have gotten worse.

About 10 years ago Lynn and Nancy Utesch moved from Washington Island to operate a 150-acre organic farm in Kewaunee County. Their growing concern over deteriorating conditions caused them and others to form Citizens Advocating for Responsible Environmental Stewardship: Kewaunee CARES. Lynn and Nancy have been involved with all facets of this growing problem from legislation to litigation.

Contact the Door County Environmental Council at or 920.743.6003.