Margaret Lockwood Featured at TAP for “A Walk in the Woods” Run

The TAP Lobby Art Gallery welcomes guest artist Margaret Lockwood for the run of A Walk in the Woods, March 31 – April 17.

Many times awarded and featured, Lockwood’s ethereal, abstract paintings interpret the beauty and landscapes of our own woods in Door County.

Lockwood commented on her work: “I constantly desire to paint canvases that create the feeling of space. My tools are color relationships, layers of atmosphere and rhythmic interludes. I want each work to gently welcome viewers into a peaceful place within the painting and within themselves. The work sometimes begins with looking at the surrounding landscape or often begins as a conversation with the painting before it. No matter how they are started, the real work comes in the doing, while I am in the middle of it all, with the canvas covered and the spiritual nature of the work taking form. I am required to have trust in the unknown and yet-to-be, remaining open to change and chance along the way, but also to direct the creation.

“In Door County, I lived in the woods and then in a farmhouse with open fields all around. The work is overwhelmingly a response to my appreciation of the fragile beauty of those remembered trees and the peacefulness of fleeting light and color across the fields and in the clouds above.”

TAP Lobby Gallery is located at 234 N Third Avenue in Sturgeon Bay. For more information visit

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