Maritime Museum to Introduce Interactive Displays into Exhibits

The Door County Maritime Museum recently announced an exciting educational program to have widespread appeal to all ages, and the extensive use of highly interactive electronic displays. New technologies will engage and educate visitors who will enjoy using touchscreens to explore numerous exhibits of the region’s incredible maritime heritage. Virtual storytellers will greet visitors and narrate key features in each exhibition room. Using leading-edge computer-based operating systems, electronic media will enable every visitor to choose subjects that appeal to their personal interests.

A vessel simulator is planned; imagine steering a 1,000’ ship though the bridges in Sturgeon Bay, piloting your own mega-yacht, or sailing on the Great Lakes high seas. The lore of sunken Great Lakes ships will be exhibited on large screens. Visitors will be able to explore these historical shipwrecks through underwater video, historic photographs and archaeological discoveries.

Adults will marvel at the world-class inland maritime transportation system, remarkable commercial vessels, regionally made marine equipment, and naval ships built in Wisconsin. To honor the leadership and skills of the architects, engineers, designers, and skilled craftsmen who build modern vessels, an entire exhibit floor will interactively illustrate the historical development of ships on the inland waterways from sail, to steam, to modern motor vessels.

To ensure the educational program stimulates the younger minds, exhibits will include an interactive gallery designed specifically for youthful visitors.

This highly innovative educational program’s digital, state-of-the-art computerized equipment and interactive displays will be highlighted in the planned 10,000 square foot Maritime Tower featuring nine floors of interactive and novel displays. The lighthouse beacon atop the tower is an outward symbol for the educational program’s emphasis and as an “illuminated beacon of education.” For more information visit


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