Martinez Studio of Door County Welcomes Neva Sills

Neva Sills will be featured as guest artist at Jacksonport’s Martinez Studio August 12 – 15. The reception will be held August 13, with Sills on hand to speak about her newest works.

Sills’ new painted and drawn collages look to calling cards – the “social media” of the Victorian era – to study the interactions people have with one another as well as the natural world. Borrowing this imagery, Sills’ works show highly-rendered hands holding organic arrangements executed in an array of styles, from brisk charcoal gestures to flattened stencil shapes. Smaller works that appear to be formal exercises in color, shape and form reveal themselves as a further examination of human relationships.

In looking at the past in order to contemplate the present, Sills plays with artistic devices that highlight one another, such as representation versus abstraction. The media is chosen to support the content of the work – mechanical processes such as printmaking or stenciling combine with hand-drawn and painted marks to speak about humankind’s continued removal from nature. “Removal as well,” Sills explains, “from the meaningful relationships and interactions that people have with one another as caused by the increasing dependence on technology for communication.”

A native of Door County, Sills lives, teaches, and keeps a studio in Chicago, IL.

Martinez Studio is open daily from 10 am – 5 pm through October. For more information call 920.823.2154 or visit