Martinez Studio Works Return to Mr. Helsinki

For Wence and Sandra Martinez, a year of winning the Smithsonian Silver Award for Overall Excellence and a solo show at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) in West Bend (Aug. 6-Nov. 6) is coming full circle back onto those warm red walls of Mr. Helsinki Restaurant for the winter. An opening reception for their work will be held at Mr. Helsinki on Oct. 13, 5-7 pm. Michael Doerr Woodwork will also be represented at Mr. Helsinki’s along with Martinez Studio.

The first grouping of exhibited work will focus on their Legacy Project, featuring Sandra’s symbolist designs from her paintings translated into weavings by their daughter, MaLena and son-in-law, Jacobo Martinez.

Wence has been mentoring the family members for a number of years and now they are firmly part of the studio’s output. Sandra said, “Wence has had an amazing experience training them in the technical dye process, techniques to elegantly achieve the difficult curves in my works and in the subtle inclusion of variations of tone within each color that have become a trademark of our studio. The weavers are encouraged to drop into the meditative space of playing instinctually with tones and details within the design framework. By releasing some control, all are invested, proud and credited, allowing space for growth in us all.”

Legacy Project works are also exhibited at the couple’s MOWA exhibition, a first for the apprentices to see their names proudly credited in a museum context.

“We couldn’t be happier to see them rise to the challenges of working with our designs…We celebrate their achievements and look forward to every new piece they produce,” added Sandra.

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