Maxwelton Braes Golf Course Sells for $675,000

Five years after foreclosure forced Maxwelton Braes Golf Course into the hands of Baylake Bank, the 135-acre par 70 course has been sold to Breslin Golf, LLC, for $675,000. The list price was $900,000.

“We’re looking at long-term improvements, not immediate cash flow,” said Jim Bresnahan of Wausau, the man behind Breslin Golf, LLC. “We’re certainly not in the business of turning over golf courses. We don’t want to go in, spend a year or two getting it looking nice and sell it. This is for the long run.”

The course has been kept open the past five years by Paul Becker, who has been leasing it from the bank.

“We’re looking to maintain the golf course and the personnel as much as possible,” Bresnahan said. “For the day-to-day operations, we are trying to bring Paul Becker back. We think he’s done a very good job. He’s been doing it on a year-by-year basis. We’re looking at the long shot. I want to make sure it gets handed down to my family, the next generation after me. That will become their problem after that. That’s what we’re looking to do.”

Read more in the Jan. 9 issue of the Pulse for more on Maxwelton Braes.

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