Mayan Culture at Bjorklunden Seminar

Lawrence University’s Bjِrklunden is offering two seminars from Sept. 25 – 30: “Classic Maya Culture, Architecture and Art” with Karon Winzenz and “Improve Your Bridge” with Carolyn Kimbell. These seminars will take place at Bjِrklunden’s magnificent lodge, just south of Baileys Harbor.

The civilization of the Classic Maya (250 – 900 AD) will be presented via a general overview of their brilliant culture and its accomplishments. The introduction will be supplemented by an in-depth examination of the art, architecture and history of three of their greatest cities, Tikal, Palenque and Copan. The final class touches on factors contributing to the gradual abandonment of Classic period centers, the rise of new city-states in the north, and the continuity and change of ancient Maya beliefs and practices.

Instructor Karon Winzenz received a Masters in Art and Master of Fine Art Degrees from UW – Madison. She taught studio art (painting and art textiles) and art history (Modern and Mesoamerican) and served as Curator of Art at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay for 30 years. After retirement she acted on a long held passion for ancient Maya culture, earning a Masters in Art History from UW – Milwaukee with an emphasis in Maya art in 2008.

During “Improve Your Bridge” participants will cover the many faces of notrump – from bidding and playing notrump with flat hands, low point-count hands, high point-count hands, long minors and how to set up and run suits. Discussions will touch on hands which should or should not be played in notrump and how to make that determination. In addition, hand evaluation and reevaluation will be covered.

Carolyn Kimbell is a professional teacher licensed by the American Bridge Teachers Association and the American Contract Bridge League. The lessons are hands on, informative and do not intimidate the less experienced player. Kimbell teaches regularly at The Clearing and at Bjِrklunden.

For complete course descriptions, fees, and registration dates call 920.839.2216, write to: Bjِrklunden Seminars, P O Box 10, Baileys Harbor, WI, 54202 or visit