Mccaslin Wins 2013 Red Putter Tourney

From left: owner Bob Yttri, third place winner Nicolas Kwaterski, first place winner Matthew Mccaslin, second place winner Astra Miglane Stanwyck.

Matthew Mccaslin took home the first place trophy at the 12th annual Red Putter Pro Tournament on Saturday, Aug. 3, with a total score of 105. Mccaslin will take a trophy, $2,100 first place prize and red jersey back home to Raleigh, N.C.

“It’s unbelievable to me that we’ve had so many tournaments and they’re going so great,” said Red Putter owner Bob Yttri.

Seventy-one golfers competed in the tournament.

After three rounds, Mccaslin and Astra Miglane Stanwyck, of Cederburg Wisc., were tied for first place with scores of 105. After a sudden death putt-off, Mccaslin got a hole-in-one on The Badger Hole and won the game.

Nicolas Kwaterski, of Sister Bay, took third place with a score of 109.

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