Mckena Murre Wins Overall Championship at Gibraltar’s 8th Grade Science Fair

Students, faculty, parents and community members gathered in the cafeteria of Gibraltar Area School on May 25 to showcase the 8th grade class’s scientific inquiry during the 15th Annual 8th Grade Science Fair. The projects varied in terms of subject. However, all the projects had one feature in common – they involved a controlled experiment. The students’ projects were evaluated by their teacher for a class grade, and members of the scientific community and high school science students evaluated the projects for a competition. The projects were placed in one of three categories: life science, physical science, and technology.

Winners in the life science category were: First – Adela Tesnow, Second – Eliza Maltby and Jane Blossom, and Third – Jonathon Haskel and Jack Moore. Physical science winners were: First –Karlee Kita, Second – Jack Hitzeman and Alex Laughlin, and Third – Ava Olson and Cora Finell. Technology winners were: First – Mckena Murre, Second – Preston Winking and J. Levi Unkefer, and Third – Payton Thomas.

Murre’s project had the highest average score and won the overall championship.

Eighth grade science teacher Andrew Hallett organized the science fair and wishes to thank the judges, the administration and Friends of Gibraltar for supporting the event.

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