Meadows Gallery Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

In October, the Meadows Art Gallery will finish its first five years in existence. The next exhibit, titled Old Guard, features some of the artists that started the Meadows. They are: Sharon Auberle, Beverly Hart Branson, Connie Glowacki, Marcia Nickols, Bonnie Sandstrom and Erland Sandstrom. The opening reception is Aug. 26, 2 – 4 pm.

Collage and assemblage will be on display from Nickols and Bonnie Sandstrom. Both artists use similar construction methods, but each artist brings their own twist to their style of construction.

Nickols blends representational directions with very different material. Bonnie uses abstraction to build compositions where textures and space reflect movement.

Auberle manipulates photography tools to make unique images. She is also exhibiting her poetry.

Erland Sandstrom contributes photographs of portraits and other scenes.

Glowacki is an accomplished watercolor painter. She’ll show many representational images and one abstracted piece.

Branson, an expressionist painter, will show old and new pieces. No matter the subject matter, her distinct energy and style come through her work.

The September show is New Guard, and features newer artists to the gallery. Some of the Old Guard work will be carried over to this show to illustrate the many kinds of art the Meadows has shown.

Meadows Gallery is located in Scandia Village in Sister Bay. To reach the gallery, go to the main entrance of Scandia Village and turn right at the end of the main hallway and it’s there. Hours are 10 am – 5 pm daily. For more information call 920.854.4416 or 920.854.2317.

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