Medicine Wheel Model Workshop Offered on July 18

Phillip Whiteman Jr. and Lynette Two Bulls

Lynette Two Bulls and Phillip Whiteman Jr. will be at the Nelson Healing Center on July 18, 9:30 am – 5 pm, to lead a day of studies within the Medicine Wheel Model. This one-day workshop, presented in two parts, is facilitated by Lynette Two Bulls, Oglala Lakota, and her husband Phillip Whiteman Jr., Northern Cheyenne. Phillip, a traditional medicine man, storyteller, teacher and motivational speaker, will include many of the traditional stories of healing, wellness, balance and hope that have been passed down to him through generations. The Medicine Wheel Model is a circular, holistic, depiction of Universal Life. This worldview, held by most Indigenous People, explains how all life is connected and how the species of mankind is ordained with certain responsibilities to maintain that Circle. The workshop is $75 per person. To reserve a spot, visit or call 920.818.0045.