Meet Artist Sergey Cherep at MoonBird

MoonBird, 12044 Hwy 42 in Ellison Bay, will host a reception for Sergey Cherep on July 27, 2-7:30 pm. 

The signature style of this renowned artist and professor at Italy’s Accademia del Verbanzo causes his work to be recognized immediately, and his landscapes and seascapes earned him the Muse Award in 2007 for Best in Oils at the international ARTV Awards.  

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Cherep developed meningitis as a child and became unable to walk or speak for several years. At a school for children with disabilities, he found comfort in painting, and at age 21, he came to America to find artistic freedom.

“The technique of painting I’ve embraced is the Post-Impressionism style made famous by Van Gogh,” Cherep said. “I love the simplicity of color and energy found in his work … My paintings are like fairy tales – a dream place. I don’t see things as realistic; I allow for the fantastic to happen.”