Memoir Captures Author’s Journey Through Cancer and Art Therapy

Journaling Cancer in Words and Images, Caught in the Clutch of the Crab has just been published by pioneering art therapist Harriet Claire Wadeson, Ph.D., LCSW, ATR-BC, HLM. The book is a vivid cancer memoir, which also incorporates art by featuring an accompanying CD of 70 pictures in full color created by the author during her treatment.

In addition to her personal memoir, the author discusses many issues of the cancer experience, such as the primary care giver, medical personnel, support groups, death, dread, denial, hair, “playing the cancer card,” and more.

“I think creative expression is very important for those living in dread of a possibly fatal illness and undergoing harsh, debilitating medical treatment,” wrote Wadeson. “Cancer is life sucking. It is easy to become your cancer with all the medical appointments and treatment side effects that take over your life. Cancer can suck out all other life you have. But writing and painting, even if about the pain of your current reality, lift you beyond that reality into a world of your own creation.”

Wadeson has published seven other books on art therapy. She directs the art therapy program at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, and spends her summers in Ellison Bay.

Journaling Cancer in Words and Images may be ordered from Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Ltd., by calling 1.800.258.8980, by emailing [email protected] or by visiting