Michigan Team Wins Death’s Door BBQ Event

Competitors who have been cooking all day gather in a celebratory mood at the tent just before the judge’s decisions are to be announced.

The Washington Island ferries were shuttling in full force Saturday, Aug. 24, as the lure of BBQ enticed visitors to the island for the 2nd Annual Death’s Door BBQ Competition held next to the grassy expanse of the island’s airport.

The event was sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) and judged by a team of KCBS judges who named The BBQ the Grand Champion of the event.

Pitmaster Rich Parker said the team name is also the name of his internet-based BBQ store that he and fellow competitor Mark Rasmussen started last fall. They sell sauces, rubs, injections, brines and BBQ accessories. Rasmussen’s Smokin’ Aces Crapshoot BBQ team placed third overall in the competition. Parker is from Rockford, Mich., and Rasmussen is from Spring Lake, Mich.

Parker’s team will head to Bentonville, Ark., in October along with 49 other teams to compete for a piece of $150,000 in purse prizes to be awarded at the Sam’s National BBQ Tour.

Here are all the results from the 2nd Annual Death’s Door BBQ:

Top Ten Overall

1. 678.8

2. Chef’s Gone Grillin’ 670.2744

3. Smokin Aces Crapshoot BBQ 670.2060

4. Freeman Brothers BBQ 669.6800

5. T-Mac Smokin 660.5488

6. Crash Test Smokers 659.8400

7. Fox River BBQ 656.8400

8. Smoke Infusion 655.3828

9. Tim’s Full Belli Deli 655.3372

10. Bunsen Burners 651.3944


1. Burnita Bar-B-Que Boys 176.5828

2. Bunsen Burners 176.5600

3. Chef’s Gone Grillin’ 176

4. Badger BBQ 171.9772

5. Crash Test Smokers 171.9656

Pork Ribs

1. Freeman Brothers BBQ 171.4288

2. Tim’s Full Belli Deli 169.7372

3. Smoking Addiction BBQ 169.7256

4. Chef’s Gone Grillin’ 165.1772

5. Smoke Infusion 164.5828


1. 174.8572

2. Smokin Aces Crapshoot BBQ 172.5600

3. Fox River BBQ 166.8344

4. Smoke Infusion 166.2744

5. Burnita Bar-B-Que Boys 166.2400


1. 170.8800

2. T-Mac Smokin 167.9888

3. Smokin Aces Crapshoot BBQ 166.2628

4. Smokin’ Karp’s BBQ Team 166.2628

5. Tim’s Full Belli Deli 165.6684


1. All Around Pigtails Pork 180

2. Tim’s Full Belli Deli 177.7028

3. Chef’s Gone Grillin’ 177.1428

4. Hot Ash BBQ Company 175.4056

5. Nothing Knew BBQ 172.56

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