Middle Schoolers Continue Archaeological Dig at Crossroads

As long as Crossroads at Big Creek can find funding, the Fall Archaeological Dig will be a rite of passage for area middle school students. Thanks to this annual activity, Crossroads has located and registered Native American archaeological sites spanning 2,000 years of occupation on the three Crossroads properties.

During the past four years, students from Sturgeon Bay and Sevastopol, under the close supervision of the professionals of Midwest Archaeological Consultants, have excavated a previously unknown chapter of Door County history.

Using rigorous archaeological excavation techniques and documentation, students have unearthed arrowheads, stone knives, scrapers, fire-cracked-rocks, thousands of pieces of chert, pottery and copious quantities of animal bones and teeth.

This year, the dig will be at The Cove, at the mouth of Big Creek just east of the little bridge on Utah Street. Crossroads encourages visitors to watch the students work, and listen to the archaeologists instruct them or adults can participate themselves. Call 920.746.5895 to sign up for the adult dig.

On Oct. 9 at 6:30 pm, Crossroads volunteers and those aspiring to be Crossroads volunteers will gather to discuss upcoming projects. The meeting will be brief. Meet in the Lower Level Learning Space of the Collins Learning Center.

Crossroads at Big Creek is made up of three properties: Ida Bay, The Cove, and the Big Creek Preserves. The Collins Learning Center, located at 2041 Michigan Street, is open 2 – 4:30 pm daily and during scheduled programs. The parking lot, restrooms and trails are always open.

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