Midseason Evaluation

August has arrived and with it comes a lot of great golf days ahead. Hopefully you have been playing for several months of the season now and have had some awesome experiences. Many of you play golf just for the fun of getting outside with friends. Many of you play golf for the competition. No matter your purpose for playing golf, it is always exciting and worthwhile to improve your game. Now that the golf season is well underway, this is a good time to give yourself a midseason evaluation.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:  Am I enjoying golf? Am I working to improve? Do I hit the ball as well as I think I should? Am I scoring the way I want to? If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then keep on doing exactly what you’re doing and enjoy the rest of your season. If you answered “no” to any of the questions, then ask yourself a follow-up question:  What do I need to do to answer “yes” to all those questions? Below are some suggestions.

Am I enjoying golf? If your answer was “no,” then change how, when, with who, and why you play golf. Remember that golf is a game. The definition of game is a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength or luck. You can choose to improve your skills and your strength, and maybe your luck will change as well. Ben Hogan, a professional golfer, said, “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”

Am I working to improve? If you answered “no” to this question, then you can start on this today. Improvement comes in many forms. Improve your body by stretching and strengthening daily. Improve your skills by practicing and getting quality instruction. Improve your knowledge and mind by reading books and watching the best players in the world play golf on TV.

Do I hit the ball as well as I think I should? I haven’t met a lot of people who would honestly answer “yes” to this question. Even the best players are always working to hit the ball better. If you answered “no” to this question, then start with a tune-up of your fundamentals. These are your grip, your aim, your stance and your posture. Take some videos of your swing from a few different angles, such as down the line and face on, and compare them to a great player that has your similar build. If you only play golf rather than practicing, try to stop by the driving range and hit an occasional bucket of balls and learn your swing.

Am I scoring the way I want to? Your answer to this question will be closer to “yes” if you work on your short game. No one hits it great all the time so if your short game is good then you can still score the way you want to on your off days. I see people every day hitting balls and never stopping to chip and putt during their practice sessions.

Take a few moments to give yourself a midseason evaluation. Now is the time to make some changes if things are not working out as you would like.

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