Midsommar Celebration

Clay Bay Pottery in Ellison Bay welcomes summer with a “Midsommar” celebration on June 21, 9 – 5 pm. Studio artists Jeanne and David Aurelius have created Midsommar-themed pottery in recognition of the Swedish festival celebrating the longest day of the year.

Midsommar in Sweden is celebrated with maypoles, bonfires, traditional folk costumes, dancing, and placing greens over doors and barns to bring good fortune and health.

Jeanne Aurelius, Mary Deneen and Martha Winter have created unique Midsommar ladies for the show. Abigail Olson has created a variety of tile birds with whimsical patterns and designs.

David Aurelius, Peder Hegland and Adam Hutchinson have created platters, bowls, vases and serving pieces with designs welcoming summer. The gallery is filled with wine coolers, mugs, candlelights, paintings and jewelry.

The Aureliuses along with Olson will invite guests to enjoy unique art, Scandinavian refreshments and Swedish toasts to the longest day of the year. Clay Bay Pottery is located at 11650 Highway 42 in Ellison Bay.