2022 Door County Midterm Election and Voting Information

Midterm elections are so-called because they fall in the middle of the president’s four-year term, and although they don’t decide who will be our next commander-in-chief, they do decide control of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

All 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives are elected for two-year terms during the midterm elections. U.S. senators are elected to staggered, six-year terms. One-third of the 100 U.S. Senate seats are up for grabs in any midterm election.

Who’s on the Ballot

All Wisconsin residents have the U.S. Senate race – between sitting Republican Sen. Ron Johnson and Democratic challenger Mandela Barnes – on their ballots. Wisconsinites will also elect a governor, an attorney general, a secretary of state and a state treasurer.

Door County voters, along with all voters in U.S. Congressional District 8, will cast a ballot for their U.S. House representative.

State races for all Door County voters also include the District 1 seat for the state Senate and the District 1 seat for the Wisconsin Assembly.

Local races include Door County sheriff and clerk of circuit court. Both incumbents – Tammy Sternard (D) and Connie DeFere (R), respectively – are running uncontested.

Questions for Southern Door School District and Nasewaupee Voters 

Southern Door School District voters will be asked two questions on their ballots. The first asks for authorization to exceed the revenue limit – by $975,000 per year, for three years, beginning with the 2023-24 school year – for operational expenses.

The second question asks for authorization to borrow $14.9 million to fund a new sports training facility and other improvement and remodeling projects for existing district buildings. 

In Nasewaupee, voters will decide whether the town clerk and town treasurer should be appointed by the town board, rather than elected as they currently are. Nasewaupee town clerk Jill Lau, who also serves as the Door County clerk, favors the appointments, while current Nasewaupee town treasurer Carol Russell favors elected positions. 

Absentee-ballot Changes

If you’re voting absentee, ballots must be completely filled out, including the witness information. Clerks can no longer help voters fill in missing information on absentee-ballot witness documents. This change has been in place in Wisconsin since 2020.

Early Voting

If you want to go to the polls in person, but before Election Day, you may do so because early, in-person voting began Oct. 26 in Door County. Each municipality has its own early-voting hours, and some are by appointment only. Contact your local municipal clerk’s office to learn when you may vote.

Early voting ends, technically, no later than the Sunday prior to the election. However, no voting is taking place on the weekend in Door County, so early voting will end Friday, Nov. 4, according to Jill Lau, Door County clerk.

Door County Polling Places

Polling-place hours for Door County on the Nov. 8 Election Day are 7 am to 8 pm. All polling places are accessible to the elderly and voters with disabilities.


  • Baileys Harbor: Town Hall, 2392 Cty F
  • Brussels: Community Center, 1366 Junction Road
  • Clay Banks: Town Hall, 6098 Cty OO
  • Egg Harbor: Town Hall, 5242 Cty I 
  • Forestville/Maplewood: Forestville Town Hall, 7705 Cty H
  • Gardner: Town Hall, 2344 Cty C 
  • Gibraltar/Fish Creek: Community Building, 4097 Main St. in Fish Creek 
  • Jacksonport: Town Hall, 3365 Cty V 
  • Liberty Grove: Town Hall, 11161 Old Stage Road
  • Nasewaupee: Town Hall/Fire Station, 3388 Cty PD
  • Sevastopol: Town Hall, 4528 Hwy 57
  • Sturgeon Bay: Arle Memorial Hall (formerly the Knights of Columbus Hall), 692 Tacoma Beach Road 
  • Union: Community Center/Town Hall, 905 Cty DK
  • Washington: Washington Island Community Center, 910 Main Road


  • Egg Harbor: Bertschinger Community Center, 7860 Hwy 42
  • Ephraim: Administrative Office, 10005 Norway St.
  • Forestville: Village Hall, 123 S. Forestville Ave. (Hwy 42)
  • Sister Bay: Fire Station, 2258 Mill Road

City of Sturgeon Bay

  • Wards 1-9: City Hall, 421 Michigan St.
  • Wards 10-15: Bay View Lutheran Church Social Hall, 340 W. Maple St.
  • Wards 16-21: P.A.T.H. of Door County (formerly the Jaycees Hall), 340 Jaycee Court